President of Copperworks

Copperworks was founded in 1981 because of an interest in working with non-ferrous metals and creating quality pieces that will last lifetimes.

While we are called Copperworks, much of our work over the last 30 years has focused on zinc. We have hoods and countertops all over the country.

We market our zinc, copper and brass countertops under our Mio Metals corporate name and our custom range hoods in zinc, stainless steel, brass or copper under our Copperworks brand. Either way, you are dealing with a small, service-oriented business ready to make a masterpiece for you.

We value the environment and sustainable business practices. All of our metals are recyclable and our energy use is minimal – in fact, much of our equipment is hand or foot operated.

Call us today, or get to know us on Facebook, for more information. We are an independent business with personal service and I hope that you will give us the chance to prove it to you.


Joe Cain
Copperworks/Mio Metals