Great value in zinc hoods | zinc range hood, vent hood

Our Sheffield design is a great value for any custom range hood and looks great in zinc. Photographed here with a light patina and 4-panel front. Our pricing includes powerful, pro-style fans and lights.

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A stunning hood for your dream kitchen and a great value too.

range hood venting, hood fan, zinc hood

Our hoods are complete with powerful fans and most can be vented out the top or back.

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Our Sonoma range hood design in zinc | zinc range hoods

This is a great style – we liked it so much we named it for our home, Sonoma County – and in zinc, this range hood makes a great focal point for your kitchen.
zinc range hood, solid zinc, zinc vent hood

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Zinc hood in Lake Tahoe

Zinc_Hood - 16 Zinc_Hood - 15 Zinc_Hood - 14

Our Modernist in zinc – dark top and bottom frames

Zinc_Hood - 13

Shipping ready – Zinc Milano hood

Zinc_Hood - 12

Zinc hood and countertops

Zinc_Hood - 8 Zinc_Hood - 9

Over 8 feet long!

Zinc_Hood - 11

Custom shaped hood with dark patina on straps

Zinc_Hood - 10

Ready to ship – zinc hood with dark straps and frame

Zinc_Hood - 6

Hood with straps and dark patina

Zinc_Hood - 4 Zinc_Hood - 5